I Hate Comcast

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Comcast is the worst. In 2014, when asked about why customers hate Comcast so much, CEO Brian Roberts took a break from swimming in his giant vault of gold coins, to try and paint Comcast as the victim… Sandwiched between the massively overcharging channel vendors and “irrationally” upset consumers. Poor, poor little Comcast.

I think he was expecting sympathy. Which is insane. But that may be Oligopoly’s Modus Operandi? Find a narcissist who’s read both Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and Machiavelli’s  “The Prince”, who thought, “yeah, that’s me!”. Certainly sadistic enough for the former, but missing the point of the latter entirely (having been produced as a work of Satire). The point is, once the super-villain is out of the lair, all bets are off.

Comcast, will charge you more for services, because they’ve made competition impossible. Not only that, but they can raise prices, cap your data and throttle your download speeds. Last I checked, this was capitol ‘A’ America, where the market speaks, yet we’ve got no opportunity to choose.  Ladies and gentleman of the internet, I hate Comcast for the following reasons, forgive me if I missed any additional and egregious examples:

Throttling Internet Speeds – Comcast might look like they’ve made promises, but I assure you that they haven’t. Those speeds you signed up for, they might as well be optional to provide. Comcast is basically a petulant teenager that will take out the garbage, when they “feel like it.” Well, guess whose left with all the garbage?

Outages and Unreliable Network – When have you ever seen a Comcast truck out doing an inspection, or making improvements? Chances are you haven’t and I wouldn’t hold my breath. If that cables not catastrophically damages, don’t expect to see it updated. The only way Comcast is making infrastructure improvements, is if they are forced to, they buy up a competitors cable (if there’s anything left), or they charge small businesses a small fortune to have cable installed. This is service provided reluctantly at best, and for internet customers, it’s become a utility.

Customer Retention Policy – Have you ever tried to cancel a Comcast subscription? Chances are your still on the phone trying to talk to the next sales manager as the idiot on the phone attempts to get you to commit to another contract. Or they’ve begun berating you with expletives. The Comcast way

Terrible Customer Service – A company even employees hate to work for… It’s hard for me to be full AGRO at the underpaid people forced to follow such asinine policies, but I’d like to have a few minutes in a room with the bastard in charge.


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