Satellite TV: The Pros and Con Men

Should you consider Satellite TV: The pros and cons 2017
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Hello internet natives! Is your tin-foil hat on nice and tight? Good. If you’re like me, and let’s assume you are, the seething rage you feel towards the cable companies has your blood pressure rising steadily towards a massive coronary. Well, you can try to take deep breaths, but that might not be enough, so you look around for “other options”, namely the satellite TV variety. Sometimes switching to a Sat TV provider is in your best interest, but it can be as troublesome as any Comcast customer service call if you aren’t careful. Hear my thoughts on the matter.

Know you’re Enemy: DIRECTV and DISH


The telecom behemoth is the largest provider of satellite TV service in the US. According to Wikipedia, they’re sitting around 20 Million subscribers.

  • Expensive – Apparently, people are willing to pay a lot of money for Rob Lowe TV commercials.
  • Exhibit A:
  • Sports Channels – Pretty good for Sports fans, but it’s going to cost you.
  • Internet – If you want the best deal, you’re stuck with AT&T, definitely a problem in my book.
  • DVR – The Genie is out dated, there are way better technologies available. I can’t for the life of me understand why this is hard for the big telecom companies to rap their heads around. My hone should not be more powerful than the giant box powering my TV.



  • Less Expensive – DISH is on the good guy list, at least for being roughly half the cost of DISH. Their pricing starts at about $30 a month, for a limited number of channels, but it beats DIRECTV on price right down the line.
  • Sports Channels – DISH is right on par (see what I did there?) with the exception of NFL Network, but they have Redzone, which is a pretty great way to experience Football.
  • Internet – dishnet, pretty much sucks, if only DISH would admit as much.

Tricks of the Trade

Watch out for Satellite TV sales shenanigans:

  1. Cable and Satellite TV companies like to hide important info in the fine print. read it. That’s where you’ll be able together the actual cost of any service. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up spending a lot more money than you thought after the first year pricing runs out.
  1. Customer loyalty does not exist, your bill will only go up. Both companies promote the illusion of valuing customers, but they’re really just trying to poach subscribers that are often to lazy to switch service providers if their bill goes up. Don’t be fooled.
  1. On the whole, getting out of a 24 month commitment is going to cost you. Fortunately, the satellite companies have a bit more tact than the big-cables evil overlord, Comcast.
  1. Know what you’re paying for; you’re paying for everything.  Check your bill regularly and you’ll find every manner of fee and charge imaginable. Need a garbage wifi router? Well, if you order internet service, expect to receive one regardless and trust me, you’ll be paying for it.

Try and stay sane,


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