TWC thinks Man Should pay $20,000 for internet

TWC all seeing eye
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Time Warner Cable has the gall to ask a Man in New York for $20,000 to broadband internet to his home! If he wants internet, the only game in town is TWC, and that means he’s be footing the $20,000 installation bill. What a joke.

Jesse Walser resides in Pompey, NY, with about 7,000 other residents. The broadband wires closest to his home are located about a third of a mile away. Some city inhabitants know all to well about Time Warner Cable’s awful customer service and exceedingly unreliable connections, it’s the less populated areas the situation is it at it’s worst. Hard working people like Walser are forced into a situation where they have to choose between the slow and obsolete dial-up and limiting and expensive wireless plan.

When Walser built his house a decade ago, he was told that the cost of extending Time Warner’s lines to his home would cost about $5,900 (still too high if you ask me). He decided against this and went for the dial-up option, later switching to Wi-Fi plan of 20GB per month. But, when he contacted TWC once again in 2012 about getting their broadband option, he received a mind-bending estimate. Through the years, TWC pushed their offer to a staggering $22,800 as of April 2012. Walser is still determined to get broadband that is not this expensive, but what options does he have? He’s contacted state senators, US senators, his state legislators and even the FCC. Truthfully I can’t imagine they’d do him much good…

His home has a regular Verizon landline, but it does not support FiOS or DSL. At the same time, the State of New York gave TWC over $10 million to cover the upstate area, but Walser’s home region does not fall under the same program. More worryingly, the company at one point told him that the entire matter is his decision, just like it was his decision to move and live in the country.

Walser is a father of two and that he even petitioned his town to provide him with a broadband grant. For now, he has not received a positive response and no law can force TWC to connect him to the internet. Finally, the matter is made even worse by the fact that even if he does pay the $20,000, he will still receive the monthly bill and horrendous TW internet access.

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